Niko Waks

Niko Waks inasaidia ma-youth kujisimamia. Through training, funding na access to markets, ma-youth wanaweza kujijenga ili future yao ikuwe secure na wapande ngazi ya life.

Niko Waks Programme Update

The KCB Foundation has kicked off a plan to redesign the Niko Waks programme. This decision is informed by a comprehensive independent programme review, performed with assistance from independent advisors and in consultation with the programme partners, KCB Group, and the Mastercard Foundation. The detailed review was based on participants input on the programme’s operations as well as progress against the holistic objectives set out for Niko Waks.

The Foundation is taking these steps because the well-being of programme participants must remain at the heart of Niko Waks and the Foundation is 100% committed to taking the necessary action to benefit them going forward. This action is the most equitable step to ensure a level playing field for all potential sub-partners and to ensure the right-sized Niko Waks consistently meets its core objective: enabling all participants to improve their lives by accessing dignified and fulfilling work opportunities. For more information or inquiries, please write to or contact 0711 012000.


Future ya agribiz kwa ma-youth ni hydroponic farming. Hii njaro ya farming haitumii mchanga, unapanda mimea kwa greenhouse na pia time ya ku-harvest ni fupi sana. Kwa hii programme, Miramar International College (MIC) itakupatia training ya hydroponic farming, na pia watanunua produce yako direct – kwa hivyo hutasumbuka kupata soko.

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Ujuzi ya manufacturing itakusaidia kutengeneneza maisha poa. Kwa hii programme, kampuni ya Gearbox itakupatia training ya kutengeneza zile material zitatumika kwa kujenga ma greenhouse, na pia order za hizo material zikitoka, watakuchora uzitengeneze – kwa hivyo hutasumbuka kupata biz.

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Ukijua job ya construction, pia wewe unaweza pata opportunities za kujijenga. Kwa hii programme, kampuni ya Arc Skills itakupatia training ya kujenga ma greenhouse, na pia contract za ku construct greenhouses zikitoka, watakuchora uzijenge – kwa hivyo hutasumbuka kupata kazi.

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Ukipata ujuzi ya film, unaweza shoot movie ya ku inspire ma-youth wengine wajiunge na Niko Waks, na hawa pia waweze kijujenga ili future yao ikuwe secure.

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